Discovery 3WC, built by David
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels, 
After two years of visiting your website, reading, considering every aspect, I finally finished my Scan Speak 3W Classic. It has been a lot of workshop hours, but I finished in record time (about 10 days). I finally went for the HDF wood, as the baltic birch here (Murcia, south of Spain) is fairly expensive and not so easy to find. I had a friend ready to provide for it, but it was not baltic birch, not heavy and dense anyway. So HDF seemed to be just fine. It was only 10mm thick, so I glued 2 boards together to get 20mm. I did not buy audio grade bitumen pads, as they are awfully expensive. Instead I went for bitumen for acoustic isolation by Chova (chovacustics). Heavy, dense and looked very similar to the audio ones. The difference is that I only expended 4€ instead of 100€. Everything has been built according to your plans. I used the middle resistance for tweeter attenuation instead of the higher value though. The veneer used is Black Limba from The front panel is sprayed with black matt paint, and that looks really impressive. 

My setup is very modest and, as we will be moving soon, I cannot place the speakers really well, so stands and proper placement must wait. My equipment is modest too: Raspberry pi with Kali Reclocker and Mamboberry LS DAC HAT, into a Marantz 6010. This amp will be replaced by a Nelson Pass F6 soon, hopefully. 

Regarding sound: I experience a huge difference between good audio files and good recordings against poor files or poorly recorded albums. They deliver very good detail, fantastic integrations of drivers, and a lot of power and volume without getting tiring. That is what I can say so far.

And finally, I want to thank you for your patience, for answering so many doubts almost instantly, for your work and your amazing designs. Thank you so much for your contribution to the DIY audio community. My sincere respects.