Discovery 3WC, built by Marco
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
Hereby my builder response of the Discovery 3 way classic that I just finished.
After reading, learning, and most off all enjoying your website for more than a year, I finally made the decision of building the Discovery 3 way classic (too many great loudspeaker design on your website). I am very happy I did, they are a perfect fit for our small living room (16m2, 4 by 4 meters).
The classic look of the loudspeakers (form follows function), the unbelievably detailed Discovery drivers (they let me hear every movement of instruments), and the price-performance ratio (I have not heard better loudspeakers than the Discovery 3 way classic, and I have listened to many loudspeakers, with a much higher price tag as well. Stunning.
Building these loudspeakers was fun, but due to a lack of patience (I could not wait to hear them play my favorite compositions), I did not enjoy as much as I should, but hopefully there are more builds to come.
The side and top/bottom panels are made of 30mm Baltic Birch, the front panels are 18mm HDF (2 times 18mm instead of 15/16 and 19/20mm), and the back panel is of 18mm Baltic Birch. 
The depth of the enclosures was changed to have the same volume as designed, due to the change of thickness of the side and top/bottom panels, which are 10mm thicker each. The front baffle dimensions did not change, just the inner dimensions (width and height) and the overall depth.
I did connect the resistors for the treble by means banana plugs, this way it is easy to connect and disconnect while testing which resistor give the best treble performance.
The sound is incredible. Infinite detail, like every song is played live on stage in front of you. Throwing details is what the Discovery drivers  are the most capable of. Driver integrations is out of this world, and the bass is present, even at low volume, but never annoying, a very tight and addictive bass.

The following songs (and accompanying albums) are unreal out of the Discovery 3 Way classic. I can recommend these songs to all of the loudspeaker builders who visit your website.
• Alfa Mist - Keep On (Antiphon)
• Mathias Eick - Edinburgh (Skala)
• Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Pastel Blues)
• Florence + the Machine - Drumming Song (MTV Unplugged)
• Nirvana - About a Girl (MTV Unplugged)
Thank you so much for sharing your designs, your website is the best book I have ever read!
Best Regards,