Discovery 3WC, built by Pieter, Belgium
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

I am very happy with my new speakers.
It was a long road to realize them, I am amazed I was able to finish this project. I used 18mm birch plywood. During the build I changed my mind and decided to glue the front panel (instead of bolts) and make a removable back panel for the crossover. I sunk the terminals because I only use banana plugs anyway, it also looks better this way (also safer for transport). I treated them with osmo hardwax oil semi gloss, it looks very good (the baffles did turn out with a little red tint, must be because of the plywood). On the project I also learned a lot of things (using silicon glue for the first time, routing, doing decent solder joints, gluing wood instead of using screws...). They turned out at a healthy 22kg/piece.
They have been playing for 40 hours, so not fully broken in yet. But they sound amazing, very balanced, transparent. Great driver integration. Vocals sound very clear. Good bass. The midrange-tweeter transition is very smooth. Also easy to drive. The best speakers I have ever heard till now. But they need good source material to deliver their best (I use Tidal lossless streaming). Now I am looking to upgrade my electronics, hopefully soon I will have an audio gd R2R dac+ hypex ncore mono-blocks + allo usbridge streamer, these speakers deserve it. Now I need to make some room treatment to improve my listening room acoustics.
Thanks for designing this great speaker and for answering my questions.
Best regards
Pieter from Belgium