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Discovery 3WC-mkII
Discovery CENTER
Studio 101 mkII
Built by Taxiachis, Greece

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels
I finally managed to finish the so wanted Discovery speakers for my Home Theater system. I enjoyed the whole process very much and I learnt so many new things from this experience.  The speakers I chose to build are Discovery-3WC-mkII, Discovery CENTER and Studio 101 mkII. I decided to build them with 19mm MDF and paint them matt black so they can match with the rest of my living room. I did one small faceting modification on the front panel of 3WC-mkII and Studio 101 mkII in order to achieve a more coherent look with the CENTER design. Of course, I did not change any front panel dimensions and drivers’ placement for that (see photos below)

Everything went very smoothly, and I am more than happy with the outcome. I really enjoy watching movies now and everything is sounding crystal clear and distinctive. Listening to music on Discovery-3WC-mkII is superb and magical. I really love them. Unfortunately, the position of the Studio 101 is not ideal as you can see from my photos due to lack of space, but it was my only option. I hope sometime in the future to have a space more suited for these speakers. Below are some photos from my building log if you want to use them for your Builders Response section. Thank you for your support!
Best regards,
Taxiarchis from the sunny Crete in Greece