ScanSpeak Discovery-4 and Jenzen SEAS-ER
built by Juan

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
I hope you are well and sorting out these crazy times.  I just wanted to update you on the Discovery 4”s I built a while back.  As the speakers broke in the image became more coherent and spatially correct.  I started listening to more acoustic productions and some of the recordings that you use for evaluating your speakers.  Finally I decided to try different amps.  I got a hold of a Bedini 150 MKII and when I installed it I could not believe my ears! (it replaced a custom built PP el34 tube amp).  This was what I was looking for from the beginning!   Thank you very much for your patience, guidance and for designing such wonderful speakers.
In the meantime I had built the ER’s but once I put the Bedini in there was nothing that will make me switch them back.  I put the ER’s in my home theater and also WHAT a REVELATION! I had to take my subwoofer out (SVS tube) and even without it the whole room rumbles not in an exaggerated way but in a very controlled and precise manner.  I haven’t heard anything that comes close to the definition The ER’s have.  My previous main speakers were Meadowlark Blue Herons (also TL’s) but they just can’t keep up with the ER’s in extension or power handling.  Again thanks! Wonderful design as well.
Best regards and thank you once again,