ScanSpeak Discovery-861, built by David
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
After some years of seeking, and thoroughly disturbing you with many emails, I have completed my second pair of speakers of your own design. Being the first ones the Discovery 3W classic around 2017, I enjoyed them for many years, but most of the time I was analyzing and thinking what I could do to stop analyzing music. That led to many emails that you patiently answered, (we all appreciate that). On one of them I tried to explain my feelings toward the amazing discovery 3w classic, and the fact that they were too unforgiving with bad recordings. At one point you did something you never do: you recommended me the 861. And my journey started. I put for sale the 3W classics (amazing speakers by the way) with no success until now. But I had a visitor that was happy with them but not really wanted to pay the 1200€ I ask for them, but he invited me to his house and could listen to his system, a 2,5 way ESA speakers (Triton III if I recall well). It was amazing, he had a room acoustically treated and quite a well developed system, and it all payed off well. At that point I was decided to go for the discovery 861 and I did without selling my speakers (my wife forgave me after some time). 
I won’t describe the building process, as I attach some photos for everyone to see but I followed your instructions very thoroughly. Apart from the independent panel for the binding posts, I also made the crossover panel detachable from the rear, in case one day I must work on it to change something.
They have only played for about 20hours, but I’m quite certain that the final result is astounding. I listened to a whole album with delight, no regrets, enjoying the music more than ever.
Sound? Well, that depends so much on many things, being the room and placement have of the system, as we all know. I love the tweeter. I went from the discovery R2604/832000 to this dome tweeter and I love the "taste", silky to a certain point, as we most like. I thing it is what I appreciate the most, for the price, best tweeter I've ever heard. Transparency and naturalness comes in every recording. Superb center image, nice soundstage, extremely easy to make them disappear... I really like them!
I used palisander veneer from Not the best veneer job, I can tell, but good enough to my eyes.
A word on Jantzen Audio: great kit, with improvements over the last one I did back in 2017. They include the bolts and the polyurethane glue that we use to glue the crossover components. And the price I think is a steal. 
Thanks a lot, Troels, my mind and heart will be finally at ease.... I don't know for how long!