Discovery-861, built by Greg, US
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Hello again from Colorado Troels,
Well, I finally completed my build of your Discovery 861 speakers. Could not be happier with the design and sound, not to mention this is my first attempt at assembling a speaker. Thank you for the awesome design! Such a great journey. These speakers are way beyond better than anything I have ever owned.
The boxes are made of walnut veneer plywood and the front baffle is solid walnut- wenge - purple heart - and curly maple. I also doubled the thickness of the baffle for the mid and woofer by using mdf with wenge edges. Finished with six coats of wiped on clear satin polyurethane, thinned with mineral spirits. Because bitumen sheet is a bit of a pain to find here in the US, I experimented, and made a constraining / mass layer composed of thick vinyl floor tile glued to the interior walls with a flexible urethane sealant. Don't know what effect it made, but I am happy nonetheless.
Thanks for all of your communications. Hope to build another one of your designs someday. I am hooked.
PS - sorry to bombard you with so many pics, but I love photo documenting stuff like this. Can't tell you how many hours I have spent looking at all of your designs and constructions!