Discovery-861, built by Jason, UK
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
The Discovery 861s are finished.  These are constructed from 18mm Birch ply with a smoked chestnut veneer to the front and top.  The cabinets are lined with 4mm bituminous panels also.  The sound of these speakers was certainly a big surprise - what fantastic speakers for a relatively small outlay!  The 6" and 8" drivers working in a 2.5 way fashion creates a really big and wonderfully full sound.  The bass is extremely good and has great weight.  The midrange in convincing and has really good body and scale - Cellos are very well portrayed.  OK, they don't quite have the refinement and accuracy of the more pricey Scanspeak drivers, but they get very close as a really reasonable price.  These speakers did nothing wrong and were a thoroughly enjoyable listen,  absolutely fantastic!  Highly recommended for anyone on a budget.
Thanks again for a great design Troels.
All the best,