Discovery W18, built by Paul, Canada
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Hello Troels,
Please find attached a few photos of my finished W18 Discovery's. I completed the driver & crossover installation today and I am very impressed with the sound. As you indicated in your description of the W18's the bass is quite impressive even when considering they have had very little break-in time. The midrange detail is excellent and well defined. The way you voice your designs never ceases to amaze me.... vocals always sound so natural. These speakers are being driven effortlessly by a Naim UnitiQute 35 w/ch solid state network player.
Having completed a pair of your PMS & Peerless Nomex 164's (my girlfriend's favourites so far) in the past this hobby has become my vice in Friends come over and listen to my (our) speaker creations and they end up wanting a pair so I sell the completed speakers after using them for some time and use the proceeds to help finance the next project. I have the DTQWT kit from Jantzen and 4 - 10" Eminence Delta Lites (I got them on sale for $115 US each on Amazon) sitting in my office waiting for me to get the time to build the cabinets. I am thinking that with the Discovery 18's in our living room and the DTQWT's in the 80 square meter basement recreation room my addiction will be satisfied for quite some time.
Thank you for all your efforts in supporting the DIY speaker community. Your site is by far my favourite location on the web. 
Respectfully, Paul