Eekels' Mini, built by Ball/Thailand

As always, thanks for your good advice !
Just finished building Eekels’ Mini and now I think I understand what you mean: “Generally, a bigger speaker always beats a smaller one”, ….and
“be clear on what 4" drivers can do and what they cannot do - and enjoy the music.”
Didn’t do my planning very well on how to place the crossover in the cabinet. My cabinet was sealed and painted before the crossover parts arrive, ended up have to squeeze them in!
Drive them with my 100 wpc McCormack, Eekels’ has an interesting sound stage, vocal and sonic from violin. Something is missing compare to a larger speaker i.e. Ekta or even my SS15W bookshelf speaker, but Eekels’ has something nice that a larger speaker doesn’t have !  Will give myself a little more time to think about what’s next between Jensen or CNO or SP44 or …. 
Kind regards, Ball

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