Eekels' Mini, built by Trond
Copyright 2011 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Here are some pictures and a short "review" of my Eekels Mini project.
I will just provide a quick update on my impressions so far. And I am pretty sure these are on the subjective side, as I spent a lot of time putting the speakers together. They are currently placed on 70 centimetre high stands.
Compared to most other speakers of a similar size, these actually have a decent amount of bass. The 4” driver seriously moves. When playing Slayer or Metallica it has loads of speed and attack. The deep bass that hits you in the stomach is missing, but I can live with this compromise. And comparing them to my old B&W speakers, these have less bottom end for this kind of music. But the bass seems much more even and integrated with the music.
But the real gem is the tweeter. At first this was a massive disappointment. It was dull and can only be described as closed. They opened up on the first weekend of playing in, but was still nowhere near as “hyperactive” as the B&Ws. And I guess this was a sound I was used to. But now these SEAS tweeters have really opened up, but differently to the B&Ws – not hyperactive. When I first turn the stereo on, I am always a little aware that the tweeter is not as pronounced and “present” as the previous speakers. But, like now, after hours of listening I have no music fatigue. This sometimes happened when listening for long periods of time with other speakers. Now the high frequencies are just there. Not sure how to describe it, but they just seem to flow in to the room and “be present”. This tweeter is an absolutely outstanding piece of music of audio engineering. And not sounding like any other metal tweeter I have heard before.
Last point I would like to cover, and where I think the hard work you have put in really shows, is what I hear as seamless integration between woofer and tweeter. I am not listening to speakers anymore – I listen to music with a huge grin on my face, wishing every record would have the quality of Gaucho by Steely Dan.
I am using the speakers with Cyrus (XTse CD drive, PreXPd preamp and DAC and X Power power amp - all with external power supply)
Again, thank you for your hard work and for sharing with people like me.
Best regards,