Eekels' Minis, built by Lars
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Thanks again for all your hard work and (i assume) countless hours used giving all of us the possibility to build these wonderful speakers of yours! I have built your DTQWT before, and now I would like to try some new techniques and did something smaller. The Eekels minis is certainly something altogether different from the DTQWTs. It was quite a shock when i tried them the first time, even though i expected the sound to be smaller. The treble was disappointing and harsh at first, but it opened up after some hours of playing. Now I have some thirty hours, and i have used some time on careful placement. They sound absolutely wonderful! There are surprisingly much bottom available when you place them right.

Thought about giving you an update for my build with your Eekels-design. I´ll write it for your website if you want to have it there.
Eekels minis update:
Since my Eekels were finished I have had a vague feeling something was amiss. Having heard some of Troels other designs it was hard to believe this was the day I was to be disappointed by a design. The speakers sounded  good, but there was definitely something missing in the bottom end. I have read what other builders have written, and they have praised the bass these little speakers can produce. I tried everything in respect to placement, no help. Could it just be that the difference compared to my DTQWT was so big that I never can have small speakers again?
I went so far as to order drivers and a amplifier for a small subwoofer. I ordered the Hypex DS2.0 and the 7” Wavecor SW182DB01 on a recommendation from Troels. I also ordered two passive radiators in the same series. I haven't finished the subwoofer yet, but decided to do something about the Eekels while I built the sub enclosure and had the tools at hand.
I got myself a dremel (for this alone) and chamfered the holes for the 4” driver, my design made this  difficult to do with a ordinary router. I also moved around the damping to make more “free space” between the woofer and the vent. I almost fell of my chair when I heard the difference.
So far I have only been able to disconnect the DTQWTs for hours, a day tops. Now I have enjoyed the Eekels for four days, even moved the DTQWTs away. The bottom opened up and all music sounds great! 
The moral: Listen to Troels and chamfer your driver holes!
Thanks again for all your help!