Ekta, built by Fabio, Italy
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I'm Fabio from Italia and I'm listening with great pleasure a couple of Ekta. Thanks  for giving me the opportunity to realize them, they sound really correct.
My next speaker will surely “by Troels” and  I will recommend to all people your projects. Other  commercial speakers or homemade speakers often have sound characteristics that are  at first attractive but then, at the end, make tired. The hardest part was to realize the cabinet and despite the crossover was simple I have done something wrong and I lost much time to resolve it.
Now is all OK !
I send you some pictures of the speakers  if you'd like them in your site. I'm sorry for my bad English and I wish you to have  the most fun building speakers.
Ciao e molte , molte grazie.