Ekta Grande, built by Gary, Hawaii
Copyright 2013 Troels Gravesen

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Finally almost finished and powered them up! Sounds good to my novice ear.
Need a couple more screws and re-install my signature/logo on the right speaker, but real close. Below are some pics. I have yet to place the Acoustilux as I want to learn what I'm hearing.
So what should I be hearing and what should I not want to hear? Is the sound simply subjective or is there certain tracks on certain albums that I can use to benchmark and or learn from?
My system at this stage is, on the digital side, a Pioneer Elite BDP-62FD multi disc player feeding an Emotiva XDA-2 DAC to a K&K Audio Dynaco ST-70 amp running Tung-Sol 6550's (This is Kevin's newest modified kit not even on his web site yet).
On the analog side I have a Sansui SR-838 turntable with a Ortofon Red cartridge connected to a Dynaco PAS 2 with all of Tubes-4-HIFI upgrade kits/parts. Emotiva interconnects and speaker cables.
As always all comments are appreciated. BTW, in my previous email I said I used a third of a quart of clear per speaker, actually 1 liter of clear per speaker.

Thanks for the positive comments and advise!
I have really enjoyed the research, sourcing materials, building (except the sanding!) and especially your direction to help me make the best speaker!
Every internal panel, except braces and front baffle are covered with 2 layers of bitumen and felt. Thanks for the extra input on the Acoustilux. I'm going today and pick up the balance of the hardware for the tweeters (I used threaded inserts for all the driver hardware to use machine bolts instead of wood screws) and then pull all the drivers to place the Acoustilux.
My next project (start building today) is a tv/audio cabinet. This will use an electric lift to hide the tv behind the audio equipment when not in use. Then I can move the furniture layout around so the equipment is against the exterior wall so when I'm listening to music I'm also looking at the ocean/beach. A big rug is in the plan, not only for looks but also for sound, as you suggest.
I'm not sure what the output of this new K&K Audio kit is, but it is well above the original for sure. The 6550 tubes are run at 60 mA's, not sure if you can see the size of the large heat sink in the pics but it still gets hot! The bass with this set up is impressive as it is. But with 20+ floors below me and 5+ floors above me in a concrete building I would be afraid to have any more bass!
I'm glad your so involved with your website and keep improving and updating. It really shows your dedication and helps us around the world feel comfortable spending sometimes a lot of time and money building something sight and hearing unseen and unheard!
Thanks again, Gary