Ekta Grande, built by Charvát, Czech Rep.

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Mr. Gravesen,
Thank you for your speaker construction instructions. Last year, I completed the construction of Ekta grande in a modification to the 5.1 system.
I'm sending photos from the construction, if you would like to offer a similar system, I also have a DWG file with curves.
I don't count construction time :) it was dozens of pleasant hours of work. My first construction - can be seen on the equipment and workshop :)
The base is stainless steel 25mm. Total weight of one box approx. 85 kg :) resonances do not exist.
The sounds is great, the latest version of the amplifier is not in the photo, but they are currently playing on the Arcam P7 (bi-amp front speaker) and Arcam AV950 and OPPO 203 and AudioQuest ASPEN cables. The improvement from the original DENON AV-Receiver has been very high. For these speakers it is necessary investment of up to about 3-4x higher price for player-preamplifier-amplifier-cables than the price the loudspeaker system.
Thank you for your site and your tutorials.
Best Regards,
Mr. Charvát