Ekta mkII, built by Jason
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I hope you are well.
The Ekta mkII are nearly finished... it's been a long but very enjoyable project. I'm just waiting for some granite plinths to be made.  They are piano black with sculpted 40mm bamboo plywood. The majority of the cabinet material is bamboo, which is technically a grass. Maybe your first mostly grass speakers!?
I'll send pics and some words for builders response when they're finished.

They sound very good from the start, but i assume they will improve with break in? Thank you so much for all of your help!  
I've only listened for a few hours so far, but one thing i would say is that the tweeter, even though inexpensive, is fantastic. Very smooth and detailed. I have used a much more expensive (4x more) tweeter in another DIY speaker and this Scanspeak Discovery tweeter sounds better to my ears, and it's not even run in.  It proves to my ears that the design and implementation is more important than the drive unit cost. I think it helps that the tweeter is underpinned by the exceptional Scanspeak 12MU.
All the best


The head/owner of a hifi forum has bought the Ekta mkIIs too!
The Ektas are getting a lot of auditions as the purchaser is very influential in the DIY HiFi community.  The Ektas are making a lot of waves!  They are simply astounding people with their resolution, transparency and compelling sound quality.  An amazing design Troels - they are embarrassing some seriously good speakers!
People are simply blown away by them.  The sound is hard for people to ignore.