ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Jean-Francois

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Mr. Gravesen
My ekta mk ii project is finished since about six weeks . I constructed the straight rectangular box model with 19 mm mdf board . All panels are glued and screwed . I cut 12 cm at the base of the cabinets for a height of 88 cm and i tilted the cabs 2.5 degrees backward to compensate the loss of height of the tweeter . the overall height with the spikes is 92 cm .  I had to mount the cross-over on a single board to fit in the smaller base compartment of the cabs . I replaced the eco bass capacitor by cross-cap and for the tweeters and mids, i used 17.5 awg cardas litz copper wire instead of the silver plated wire included with the kit . I decided to not use binding post , instead i used 1/4 inch. nylon bolt to make a direct contact between the cross-over and the speaker cable outside of the cabinets by pure copper spades and speaker cables terminated by spades or bare terminated , i know it’s a bit awkward but i am sure that the contact is better this way than through  a brass binding post!
I finished the cabinets with walnut weneer covered by 6 coats of clear gloss varnish , i am happy with the final result . The speakers have now played about 200 hours , i had to increase the % of silver of my d.i.y rca interconnects from about 30 to 50% to get a little more sparkle to the sound that was lacking before, now i’m satisfied with the rich and sweet sound of the speakers . I intend to make some front grilles to protect the drivers from u-v rays but i have not dicided yet how to make them .  Thank you for your fast answering to my questions during my project .