Ekta mkII, built by Maarten, The Netherlands
Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Mr Gravesen,
I've finished my Ekta MkII a while ago, but I've been too busy listening to them to write this email.
It was quite a gamble to invest time and money into something I've never heard before, however my faith in your reputation has paid off. I am very happy (and at the same time sad) to say I will probably not need to buy or build another set of speakers to enjoy my music collection. Whenever I listen to music I forget about the HiFi set. Isn't that all we want? However I am thinking about building another 'Troels design' for the dining table area....
I do have to confess that the speakers did  not entirely please the ear right from the start. I was experimenting with damping the bass ports as the low frequency response was unbalanced. After changing my NAD C372 to a Quad 99/909 set this was resolved without any change in the speaker. I was surprised the C372 had such an impact on low frequency response, possibly combined with the acoustic properties of my living room. Either way, I am quite pragmatic, the solution (Quad) works very well. 
As you can see the speakers were (partly) built in our apartment on the dining table, luckily I have a very understanding wife! I used 22mm MDF to construct the speakers, and adjusted the dimensions to suit. I added a speaker grill to protect the lower two drivers from my daughter, if she is tall enough to reach the tweeter I hope she will be old enough to listen to her father.
Thank you for your effort in designing these speakers, and making the kits available.
Kind regards,
Rotterdam, Netherlands