Ekta mkII, built by Stephen
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels
Thank so much for your hard work and sharing your years of loudspeaker design experience with the DIY Hi-Fi community.
To fund this second pair of speakers I sold my TQWT MK II  to another enthusiast on one of the UK Hi-Fi Forums. I plan to share more details about the build on the HiFi Wigwam site soon.
Before deciding which speakers to build next I read all of your articles and settled on the Ekta Mk II. The sides, rear, and top panels are made from MDF with a walnut veneer. The front baffle is a double layer of eighteen-millimetre moisture resistance MDF. I rebated all the cabinet edges which significantly added to the time taken to build. All panels glued with structural glue called Cascamite by Polyvine.
The walnut veneer was treated with a simple brush on acrylic finish however the front panels took a long time to spray with car paint.
I decided to upgrade the series capacitors in the cross over to Alumen Z for the mid driver. For the bass, I chose the Superior Z. The internal wires from driver to crossover are pure silver in Teflon sleeves.
The bitumen pads and ten millimeters grey felt is needed as that bass driver goes deep!
After some deliberation, I decided to make a set of protective grills. While this obviously keeps the dust of them, more importantly, it should protect the drivers when my family walks past every day.
Once the drivers and cables had burned in I could really start to appreciate what a fine sounding design these are. My speakers are connected to a pair of Hypex NC400 mono power amps.  The sound stage seems wider compared to the last set I made. The bass driver goes deeper to the point that I may delay building a subwoofer.  While those tweeters are from the ScanSpeak Discovery range they are perfectly capable of playing modern digital high-resolution recordings. The midrange is fast and clear with all voices and instruments. I highly recommend others consider building these three-way speakers. 
Best regards