Ekta Grande, built by Alberto, Spain
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Hello Troels,
This is Alberto from Spain. Today I have finished the building of my customized version of your Ekta Grande. I have build them by CNC pieces and glued all together to get the rounded shape and cut with a saw the back side to build the “tail”. Then veneered with a maple veneer and finally painted in black brilliant. Once I finished to install the ScanSpeak stuff I connected them to my AV receiver and I have to say that the music this speakers play is Heaven’s music.  It’s very easy to make them sound and the sensibility is very good. My amp gives 85W and it’s more than enough for this speakers. Thank you very very much for sharing your knowledge and your time and for this marvelous design. I have never heard something sounding like this.
Thank you and thank you again. Alberto.