Ekta Grande, built by Enrico
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
Thank you very much for your projects. They are very interesting and they sounds very well. Now I have evidence of this.
Two years ago I decided to tackle one of your projects that seemed very interesting: Jenzen ATS
Since it was very difficult economically, before I decided together with my friend Umberto to make a small project to determine whether your taste in music corresponded with mine. That is why we built the small SEAS CA18 / RLY / 22TAF-G. The price was small but the sound was great. Ok ... construction of ATS can begin.
I decided to build using slices of MDF sp.25mm glued together. It was crazy. I would do differently now, but anyway, I was riding on that road.
I wanted to do a tribute to Sonus Faber who also likes to my wife, trying to keep the front panel as original as possible.
Cutting slices of MDF with the router, I realized that I threw away all wood, so I decided to take advantage of the inside to make a second system: The Ekta Grande for my friend Umberto.
What is the end result? The Ekta Grande are completed and the ATS are half of their construction.
I send to you few pictures of Ekta and then I will send the ATS when I'll finish them. But I do not have much of a hurry for them.
The Ekta grande sounds very, very well. I like them very much. We made some small changes in resistance value of the tweeters, but then we're back in range and we have changed the cables and the body tilting, and the result is excellent. They sounds like new systems of many thousands of Euros.
Thank you very much for your work and for your professionality.