Ekta Grande built by Petr, Czech Republic
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I will be brief, I guess you get a lot of emails. after three years I finally finished Ekta Grande, see images here: http://audioweb.cz/vase-kocour1.htm I had opportunity to measure both speakers to verify they are assembled right. Please see attached images. Both speakers measured identically, it can be seen in Z L+R and SPL both speakers. I noticed mild bump ~3-4dB at 7-8kHz. Did you have same experience? Just want to confirm it is ok or not. I should mention that to my ears it sounds ok. And another issue is visible in bass reflex measurement image, there is a difference between lower and upper bass reflex. I think there is some mechanical obstruction close to lower bass reflex inside the speaker. I would like to have your opinion on both issues. It shows how important the measurement is, even though one follows the plans precisely. Thank you Petr, Czech Republic

Hi Petr,
Thanks for your response and pics. The minor treble peak is mysterious as the XT25 has the flattest response ever measured on the Ekta G baffle. The response is dependent on a lot of things, not least at which height you have performed your measurement.