Ekta Grande, built by Tim/AU
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

I need your help please. I constructed your EKTAs, see photos attached. They are not exactly the design as the chamfers on the front are symmetrical and the boxes are 40mm wider than your design. Extremely happy with the sound, but the bass bump was too much, so I reconfigured the porting for more flat tuning. I feel the midrange is still not enough, as male voices are wonderful, but female voices need a bit more sparkle. The tweeter level is very good. (I changed the 1.8 ohm resistor to 1.0ohm resistor already.) Is the midrange level adjustable in the crossover by changing some resistors? If so which one? Please help.
Cheers: Tim

Hi Tim, As the basic width of the front panels appear to be close to the original, the crossover is probably working OK. For mid you can change R2061 to 2.2 or 1.5 ohm without impacting the performance of the mid crossover. You may have to give the tweeter an extra notch at the same time to balance overall sound although based on modelling 1 ohm looks fine (R1011) with 2R2 to the mid. Flat response is ~2R2 to mid and 0R to tweeter, but this may be a bit too much treble.
Best regards Troels

Troels, Thanks you for the fast reply. You are a credit to DIY community with your numerous designs, and very helpful nature. I must admit these are very special speakers, and probably the best bass I ever heard from two 7" drivers. I used reasonable good components in the crossovers using Jantzen Superior Z-caps in series with mid and tweeter, and Jantzen standard caps for the parallel caps. Used Jantzen copper foil inductors for the bass drivers, and wire aircore inductors for the rest. The only other speakers I have which are equal to these are my GEMME AUDIO KATANA with all ACCUTON drivers (simply superb). I do feel taht the EKTAS produce a more organic and realistic sound however, with bigger dynamics and punch, especially in large orchestra recordings. The GEMMES have a more clear less distorted sound, with the tweeters being far superior, but sound more clinical. Enclosures for the EKTAS are 36mm thick with front baffles 48mm thick and heavily braced. Weight 60Kgs each. Net volume 65L. I am a very happy man..., and hate to see how much a commercial speaker of this design would be...$$$$$$ Cheers; Tim