EktaGrande built by Jiri, Czech Republic      

Dear Troels,
I was finally able to finish the EKTA Gs. It took me more than a year to finish, but I am really happy with the end result. The transition between mid and tweet is seamless and the net internal volume of 54 litres provides nice deep bass. I am sure if the net volume would be around suggested 62-65 liters, the bass would be even deeper. They can play also really loud without any significant distortion. The crossover is using ClarityCap SA capacitors bypassed by 0.01uF MUNDORF Silver/oil and SOLEN 14AWG inductors. As I did not follow the dimensions as stated, I had to fine tune a bit the crossover to fit my taste due to wider baffle. The cabinets are quite heavy, 48 kg each and are really rigid. Front baffle thickness is 45mm and the side walls are 30mm thick (3 layers of 10mm MDF). The whole enclosure is covered by cherry veneer.
Tip for DIYers:
Veneer glue I used can be found here
http://www.veneersupplies.com/products/Better-Bond-Heat-Lock-Veneer-Glue.html. It is great product for curved shapes – no need for vacuum press, simple house iron will do just perfect. Maybe one downside is that it is more suitable for darker veneers as it is bit visible on the edges. I am attaching few pics and my in-room  measurement.
Again Troels, many thanks for your support and great site with lots of interesting DIY projects.
Jiri, Czech Republic