Ekta built by Geoffrey/NZ

Hello Troels,
Firstly let me thank you for your wonderfully informative and generous website. I have enjoyed reading it in its entirety. I have build a set of Ektas utilising a reasonably uncommon technique (although another building the ektas used same method) partly in order to achive my desired shape for the cabinet.
I did want to wait till I had them fully finished in an automotive or piano black gloss finish before I let you know I have built some of your creation. But finishing them may take some time.
However I got them going and I was really impressed xt25 is great tweet and mid is great giving a welcome warmish tone to the sound and the rev 7" sounds slightly like an 9 or 10 inch almost on some guitar music. The sound is very big, perhaps because 4 inch mid has good dispersion compared to typical 7 inch drivers? and tweet is nice and extended.

Regards Geoff/New Zealand