After 7 months I finally finished my version of the Ekta/9700.  Thanks for your designs and contribution to the DIY community.  Here's the link to show you the results of my labor.
Best Regards,
Ken from San Diego, California

Gravesen Ekta/9700 in Brazilian Cherry

This forum has encouraged to try the world of DIY speaker building. Thanks to Troels Gravesen for sharing his designs and this forum for providing information on speaker building and making my first speaker build a success(in my mind). I started this project in July 07 and finished it last week. My work keeps getting in the way.
Since Troels design required a thick and inert enclosure and the unavailability of 1" MDF in my location(Temecula, Ca), I opted to use instead 3/4" MDF laminated with 3/8 Brazilian Cherry woodfloor planks leftover from my woodflooring project. The result is a very hard, inert, and heavy enclosure. I used 3/4" MDF and 5/8 " woodfloor planks for the baffle.
For vibration dampening the enclosure was lined with asphalt/bitumen tape from Home Depot. For sound dampening I lined the enclosure with 3/4 inch thick poly/cotton batting. Behind the woofer is eggcrate foam that comes with shipping boxes for computer equipment. The bottom is lined with 2" stuffing of polyfiber.
The capacitors and inductors used were Jantzen from Parts Express. The resistors are Dayton resistors also from PE. The crossover for the tweet/mid is on the bottom of the baffle, the woofer crossover is on the bottom of the speaker.
The result is a very crisp high, clear vocals, and clean bass( the 6.5 inch SS speaker can go very low). These speakers are great for music for which I intended to use them for.
I tested music from the following artists: Craig Chaquico, Mark Knopfler, Norah Jones, Allison Krauss and Union Station, Donald Fagen, Eric Clapton, and Peter Gabriel.
I tested them for HT but I preferred my Klipsch system. But for music, the Ekta blows it away.