Ekta, built by Busne, Italy
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Troels Thanks for helping me in the realization of my Ekta "tomos", after 3 months of work the diffusuori perfectly sound. I made ??my Ekta proposing a "tomos" horizontal cuts, I could then create the desired shape without using filler material in the wood, I also think that with a box on the horizontal cuts vibrations are lower. Some data box: - Front panel 50 mm - Side panels 30 mm - Panel posterire 40-70 mm - Weight 43kg - Electrical data you know them well. I'm enclosing some photos of my work. diagrams of filters and basic design of the box this and 'the system with double seal of the base. Here is my laboratory moving from bottom to top I built with 25-mm slices, I realized the box I used the waste to make the support finish with walnut wood and shellac Some wastes used for heating .......... milan-5'C finishing and gluing the front panel bass and high on the basis of the box, medium filter on the front panel, here is my system...........................................I am satisfied, thanks again