- built by Kouichiro Sugano/Japan

Dear Troels.
My ekta project was completed. My wife and daughters says "Great sound !".
Ekta is my treasure. Thank you for the crossover simulation with ss9700.
Some pictures are on the web for you.
best regards,
Kouichiro Sugano, JAPAN.

Thanks, Sugano, for your report and excellent pictures. The work you have done on the Baltic birch is impressive.
I wonder what the (paper ?) triangles behind the bass driver are....
best regards, Troels

The paper triangles behind the bass driver are "Tozawa-Resonator". It is named after Dr.Tozawa.
Tozawa-Resonator is very famous in japanese DIYer. Acoustic materials such as the felt, the glass wool, and cotton are
porous acoustic material. A lot of spaces and minute holes are formed in the layer,
the energy of the sound is converted to thermal energy. However, it is difficult to absorb the bass of 300Hz or less in
speaker box in this method. On the other hand, Resonator of absorbing sound (shut paper box or paper balloon) is especially
effective to 2KHz or less. The sound is converted into the vibration of paper.
How to make Tozawa-Resonator:
#1)Make triangular or hexahedron box by soft paper. "Washi" paper is the best material.
#2)Put soft cotton wool in it.
#3)Seal it with the paste.
#4)Hung Resonator with the string in the speaker box or paste Resonator in the speaker box.

"Tozawa-Resonator" is shown on many japanese web.

- and more on google japan.
Kouichiro Sugano, JAPAN.

Thanks for the explanation and the links! I need to improve my Japanese :-)