Ellam-2.5, built by Trond
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels
Final update on the Ellam25s. They are now sounding absolutely wonderful, and any new speakers will only be added if I want a new DIY project some time in the future.
I took your advice and changed the resistor to lift the treble with adding a 2.2 in place of the 2.7. They were on for a day before I changed back. There were hints of listening fatigue when playing bright recordings. So the crossovers are back to your spec.
What I also did, was to remove some of the wool behind the woofers. This made them sound different. Hard to describe, but they somehow sound more open and they seem to disappear - the music seems more present, where you are more able to believe the musicians are in the room in front of you. All in all I am once again very happy with the speakers from your designs and appreciate all your help during the build process
Thank you once again for all your help 
I have attached a few photos, and there are plenty more on my flickr site - feel free to put any of them on your web site if you want to
Best regards, Trond