Ellam FLEX-3W, built by Vaidas/Lithuania
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
It's been already 1 year past since I have finished EllamFlex3w. Would like to give you some feedback. Please find photos attached. I have came to 3w version from 2w and can say that an upgrade is really worth time and money. Midrange became much clearer and bass extension is really impressive. Overall I'm satisfied with a sound as Flex sounds awesome.
Some words about 2w version; it took about 2 months to break in drivers. So, who is planing to build them, be patient. Would I recommend 2w version to a friend? Better go directly to 3w, it shouldn't disappoint you.
By the way, I ran Ellams with Tandberg TIA 3032A integrated amplifier and think they fit together very well.
Thank You for sharing such a great project!