Ellam FLEX, built by Anang
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
first, i apologize for not reporting back sooner. i have been enjoying these speakers since last year. the reason is after looking at other builders stunning finish, i don't feel confident to put them on display. but i feel i owe you something so thanks a lot for these awesome speakers.
they are made entirely from baltic birch plywood including the front panels because i can't find quality mdf in my small town. to fill the pore and make the color more even i used white oil-based primer. my fault is i put it too thick, sanding it unevenly and rush things up. this is my first diy project so this will be a lesson for me.
the very first thing that crossed my mind when i turned on these speakers for the first time is : where are the tweeters ? the treble was there but even from 1 meter distance i can't tell which one is midbass and which one is tweeter. very impressive ! midrange is open and non fatiguing. the huge 13 awg coils and superior z capacitors consume more space in the internal cabinet but i think they paid off in the speed of bass and naturalness of treble. usually i like a bit more bass so i add bass using digital equalizer. the result is amazing : deep bass without sacrificing the speed. when my neighbour saw the size of my speakers, he asked me where's the subwoofer.
so thank you once again for this precious gem. i chose this project because i want to upgrade it to ellam flex 3 way sometime in the future. not anymore. these already exceed my expectation for my small living room.
best regards, Anang