Ellam FLEX, built by Hakan/Turkey
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
Greetings from Turkey!
First of all, I would like to thank you for all your contributions to DIY speaker world. I really admire your work. Sharing your knowledge with everyone, your detailed explanations and above all, your kind support was totally awesome. Stepping to DIY world was a fantastic new journey for me and totally changed my perspective. I decided to go on with the Ellam Flex in September 2016 right after I literally read all your website and it took me almost 4 months to hear the first sound from them. I am a newbie on woodworking and it was the most challanging part for me which also caused alot of delay. However by this chance I discovered that I love woodworking so much J Now I own almost every tool to build a speaker without outsourcing any part of it. So I guess my next project will be upgrading this little monster to Ellam Flex 3W in the summer!
And the most important part….the sound….actually I was really anxious and tense for all through this project because this was my first build and I had almost no idea what it was going to be like. Yes I heard scan speak drivers on my different projects but this time I was the one to build it and It was the first time I build one of your designs so the whole thing was new and unknown to me. But the moment I energized the speakers, all my worries, doubts and everything was blown away! It was literally fantastic and I am very satisfied by the result even it is not burn-in yet. I am not going to try to describe the sound that I heard but all can say is, it is definitely better than my last commercial speakers (KEF R500 which I actually was very happy with) in all fields, especially on the low ends which I did not expected from such a mini. So I am more than happy with the quality and also feel proud by myself that I finished the project without cracking up the drivers and crossovers by fault J
As seen from the pictures I deviated from your project on some fields even though you warned us no to J The major change was using the uncoated 15w/8531 drivers instead of 8530 coated ones. I decided 8531 due to I was in love with their warm sound which I had chance to listen at an another DIY speaker. But I guess it ended up very well so far. At least I am very happy with it. Other than that I tried to stick to plan as much as possible. I now need to build a stand to store the crossovers in and paint the speaker to gloss white to match them with my other furnitures. With this current look the WAF factor is below zero. In addition I will build a grill in order to prevent little fingers to touch it J
Please find all the pictures that I took during the build in the below link. I am also going to update them as soon as I finish the paint and everything. I tried to show many different stages of the build including my little comments and I hope it may inspire some other readers. So if you like please feel free to share them.
Once again I thank you for everything!!

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