ScanSpeak Ellam-XT, built by Pierre-Francois, France
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
It’s been years I wanted to send you some pics (Ouch ! almost 15 years)  of my Ellam XT running on Jolida jd1501rc ans jd100s cd player.  When I did those bookshelf I was in a flat with few square meters.
I was coming from Wharfedale 8.4 and this was a huge improvement.  Less low bass, but that’s what I wanted considering the room (and neighbors)
What can I say ? I still enjoy them 15 years later. So I probably like them verry much !
Some times I want “better”: like more clarity, more “Ting” rather than “TSHing” more “Boom” rather than "BLoum”. But when I objectively listen to instruments, voices ... Everything is here and is right. They just not “over do”.
Your test crossovers where in mundorf standard PP and at this moment you were already seriously suggesting very best caps but without highlighting it so much and I went standard PP audyn cap to begin but also for money (your '" crossover level " make it easier now! ) It's just after finishing cabinets that I Saw your advice to increase cabinet volume to accommodate super caps. I now understand: It's pretty challenging to put such crossover in this box that have not been done for...
 Hence Maybe I will get the "ting" rather than the “Tshing”.  Putting filters in a separate box might be the solution ... Still I enjoy them a lot.
Thanks for all !