Ellam 98, built by Tom/AU
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,

I've (finally) finished my Ellam-98s! Here are some photos and I apologize in advance for my very average photography skills. I'm missing a snap of the final stuffing I did.

The veneer is American Cherry sealed with Shellac and rubbed back with three coats of wipe on poly.

They are a little deeper than the others I've seen as I went a bit crazy with crossover components and added a brace. Wanting a recessed back panel also added depth. The internal volume was adjusted accordingly while ensuring to preserve the "A4" front baffle dimensions.

Laying out the crossover with all the film caps was... interesting!

I'm using a beast of an amp I built called a Beta24 which is designed by Ti Kan. The diy dac is an ESS Sabre 9018 based unit from Twisted Pear Audio.

I must say they are a lovely 2-way! For every level of listening they really are sublime. Low level listening is smooth and creamy while cranking the volume brings a serious punch that belies its small size. They are amazing value and do justice to all manner of music.

The real speaker stands are still in the garage waiting on the rain to stop so I can fill and paint them. Thus I've been listening to a combination of kitchen chairs and phonebooks.

Thank you for such a wonderful little project!

Kind Regards Tom