Ellam 98 mkII and
Discovery W18, made by Keith

Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I have attached some pictures of the Discovery W18 and the Ellam 98 mkII. No build pictures I’m afraid.
Discovery W18:
Made exactly to your design, constructed using 22mm MDF throughout. Veneered in Oak with the exception of the lower baffle which I wrapped in high gloss black automotive vinyl. I can recommend using vinyl for front baffles and this is what I will be doing for the Ellam flex 3 way. What you end up with is something that looks like it has a very high quality paint job but the cost is tiny! Buy a big sheet will only cost a few euros and then you can have as many goes as you need. You will need to seal and prime the MDF so it sticks correctly and slightly round any sharp edges, borrow the wives hairdryer and your done. Plenty of youtube videos on vinyl wrapping. The best looking speaker I have made.
Overall I would say this speaker is fantastic value for money and does everything well. I could not believe how much these 2 low cost drivers deliver producing a real balanced sound. Ideal first time project. Now currently being enjoyed by my parents.
Ellam 98 mkII
A couple of small changes to your design, I did not want a removable style baffle so I made the cabinet the same size as the baffle but added 10mm to its depth and 10mm to its height at the bottom to gain back the volume. Driver placement and front baffle as per your design. Constructed entirely from 19mm black MDF. Cabinets have not been finished at all as I could not decide! The 10mm reduced width inside the cabinets made it a very tight fit for the crossovers!
I think like you I really like the 9800 tweeter, there is just something I like about hearing a metallic cymbal from a metallic dome tweeter! It is very sweet to my ear. This speaker makes for very high end sound and if I had any sense I would stop here, but I must see what a 3 way has to offer.
My Kit:
Naim pre/power amp, DIY audio PC and a Chord DAC.
Kind Regards