Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Chris
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
First I want to thank you for the amazing work you have done. Your speaker building is second to none and I am grateful you give us access to your work. It gives people that can't usually afford high-end speakers access to an exclusive club. Also, all your help along the way via email during the building process was amazing.
I have been browsing your site for about 3 years and after narrowing the speakers I wanted to build down to three I decided I would start to learn the woodworking skills needed to build one of your amazing speakers. I quickly discovered that it wasn't going to be a small undertaking and that I needed a lot of not just skills but tools to get the job done. Luckily I found a skilled speaker builder here in the Pacific Northwest who could get the job done for me. His name is Jesse and he owns Triticum audio. I was lucky to find him because his work was amazing and affordable. I know I'm not the only person looking to build DIY speakers from your site without all the know how, so if there are more people like me in the Pacific Northwest looking to get a cabinet built Triticum audio can be found on Facebook. The speakers he built for me are amazing and compare to most high-end speaker companies.
Now that I've mentioned everyone that helped me get these beasts to my house I can get to the sound. Right off the start the mid-range and highs were amazing. Full and lush. Instrumental music is one thing the Flex 3-Way do extremely well, pianos sound life like and fill a room. The Flex 3-way also make a sound stage that extends well beyond the speakers borders. I have demoed the speakers for people that asked where I was hiding the center channel. The bass at first though was for lack of a better word lean.I first thought it was because I was coming from a system with Vienna Acoustics Mozart speakers that had extremely punchy bass, but after some break in time the bass tightened up and now its not punchy or relaxed, just there. You can easily distinguish a bass guitar from a bass drum and if turned up loud enough they have wall shaking status. Amazing for an 8" driver. However, they don't go down to 20hz. If you want that you'll either need a sub or a different speaker with a larger bass driver.
By far the best speaker I've owned and I have owned B&W, Thiel, Vienna Acoustics, Dali and Paradigm.