Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Bertrand, Canada
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Hello Troels,

I wanted to let you know that we had the DIY day today in Montreal where I brought my Ellams.  I can tell you that they were a hit!  Everyone loved their sound and the shape.  These people are speaker builders both original builders (they design and create) and people who follow others creations (like me).  So, congratulations for making these great speakers and sharing with others.
There was a member that made your Jenzen NEXT and I thought I’d send you a picture of the Ellam next to them.  I don’t know if you’ve ever had these one next to the other.  I had to leave before I heard them however.
One thing that I found amazing is that someone came from Ottawa (1.5 hours away) to listen to your Ellams.  We chatted and this is what he told me.  When he saw I was presenting them, he decided to come and left after my presentation was done.  He told me that we was making the ATS this summer.  He has all the parts and will start soon.  I’ll keep in touch with him so that I can get a chance to hear them! :-)
I hope this brings a smile and that you better realize how many people appreciate all the work that you do.  I, personally, am very grateful.  I’m looking forward to your other creations.
Bye for now.


Hello Troels!

First off, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do for the DIY community.  Your speakers are amazing and a standard to be attained by others who help in this community.  Yes, it may sound like flattery but I really mean it. 
I have completed the Ellam Flex 3W today.  They took me approximately 150 hours of careful work.  I essentially built 4 but only finished my two.  The other pair is unfinished and has been done for a friend.  This did not add appreciably to the overall time commitment.  I have used car paint and clear to paint the MDF and walnut paperback veneer on the cases.  One roll of 4’x8’ paperbacked veneer is enough to cover both speakers.  I also have made them so that they can be bi-amped.
I have listened to them for the first time today as soon as I put the last screw in.  This is just a temporary setup until they are broken in.  I just had to listen to them!  These are only my second pair of DIY speakers ever and they are amazing right off the bat.  I include some pictures of the build and a couple of final pictures detailing the look of the speaker.  Honestly, I’m amazed that the baffles came out so nice for someone who had never touched a hand plane.  I did make many copies of the front baffle sections in case I made mistakes but it all went really smoothly.  It is of vital importance that you buy very good quality MDF as this will make for much better results.
As far as I know, I am the only one who built these so far so I hope I am doing them justice.  I will be presenting them at a DIY meet in Montreal on March 9th and will let you know the overall impressions by the attending members.
Take care and I’m looking forward to your next project!
Warm regards,