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ScanSpeak data sheets here: 15W/8530-K00 + R2604/832000

Also check  Ellam-dappo and Ellam FLEX

A friend of mine is seriously in love with the ScanSpeak R2604/832000 ring-radiator and asked me to do the Ellam speaker with this tweeter. So, once more the 15Ws were back in the Ellam test cabs. ScanSpeak R2604/832000 replaces Vifa XT25TG-30-04, thus the "XT" name remains.

2009: The Ellam XT was made around Dec. 2006 and after some two years on the web, this Ellam XT turns out to be one of the most popular speakers on this website - and for good reasons:
- fairly low cost due to the excellent and cheap R2604/832000 tweeter
- easy cabinet construction and fairly easy crossover layout
- probably the best bass performance on the market from a 10 liter cabinet volume
- 15W has a smooth midrange and a smooth upper roll-off that makes crossover construction easy
- generally high WAF depending on your skills in cabinet making
- I could go on...the Revelator 15W/8530K00 driver is a winner.

2013: Before engaging in Ellam XT, please take a look at Ellam FLEX, the "Ellam XT mkII". A little more work on the front panel, but overall better sound for the same money.

Builders' response to the Ellam XT


Make cabinets from 22 mm MDF and 16 mm for bracing. Chamfer 15W driver hole 45 deg., to a depth of ~11 mm from rear.
Damping: Use 9 mm grey felt for all internal panels except front panel. Add one sheet 30 mm acoustilux to cover crossover, approx 18 x 20 cm.
Place crossover on rear panel as far away from 15W magnet as possible.

The Crossover

If you cannot get a 3.0 mH coil, un-wind 3.3 mH to 3.0 mH - or leave it at 3.3 mH, only very small difference.
18.2 uF = 10 + 8.2 in parallel.
12.2 uF = 10 + 2.2 uF in parallel.
13.3 uF = 10 + 3.3 uF in parallel or 2 x 6.8 uF i parallel
(I have these questions)

The Crossover Kit

Crossover kits available from Jantzen Audio: contact@jantzen-audio.com

All kit and component prices may be subject to change and are always to be confirmed by Jantzen Audio Denmark

Order Superior Z-caps or Standard Z-cap version.
I seriously suggest the very best super caps for this speaker, but be prepared for adding volume to accommodate huge caps (increase cabinet depth)

These are the initial crossover made for a client from Mundorf leftovers.

All components were mounted on a piece of mahogany board.
No lay-out will be given this time.


Left: SPL for 2.8V/1m. Right: Horizontal dispersion at 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40.

Left: Left and right speaker from finished crossovers. Right: Impedance of finished system.

Left: Impedance again showing 5 ohms minimum. Right: Red = inverted tweeter polarity from tweeter height, 1m.

As always, the R2604/832000 excel from a smooth, un-coloured treble.