Ellam XT, built by Paul, Canada
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels
Once again thank you for incredible web site and your contribution to DIY community.
I while ago, I have built EllamXT speakers. Because of renovating the house didn’t have a chance to really listen to them. Mostly playing in a background while working on renovations.
Few times, could not resist to sit down and really listen. They sound amazing for such a small speaker, vocal is very sweet.

All is up to your specification, except had to make front panel 24mm longer (on the bottom, chamfered) to maintain 10L volume. Internally is lined with bitumen pads and felt (all walls, top, bottom, except front.  Acoustilux on the back, top and bottom. Walls and back are 25mm, front 12mm plus 19mm MDF, chamfered for woofer.
Attaching pictures of my XT construction if you would like to use them on your site. Actually I have helped a friend to build his, so there are pictures of both.
Stands are 24mm Baltic Birch, Stainless Steel pipes, front filled with lead shot and sand, rear painted internally with sound deadening paste (works very well, almost no sound when tapped with metal object). Rear pipe also works as cable guide.
Once again, thank you very much.
Best Regards, Paul