Ellipticor-1, built by John, The Netherlands
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Just finished the "Ellipticor One" project, for my friend Joffrey in The Netherlands.
I was very impressed by the sound of these new drivers ,and your X-over does a good job! These monitors drive my 6C33c SE amplifier to a higher level, a very good combination, as i think these monitors have a very smooth impedance curve for the tube amp, and sensitivity is optimal fix for my amp. Tight bass is present, very well balanced soundstage 3-D sound, and mids and highs gives me goosebumps all over. A well balanced system, and I can recommend these speakers for tube amp users. My 6C33c amp delivers some 15Wrms and it is a very good marriage with the monitors. 
Cabinets made from 25mm black MDF, finished in professional RAL 9016 white lacque ,polished high-gloss. X-over parts soldered with WBT silver solder, Dueland Silver Graphite resistors, Pure Silver Foil Tweeter by-pass caps, and Jantzen Alumen Z-Caps are used. 
Lot of pictures, (can't make a decision ,sorry) choose what you like;)
Thanks for sharing this great sounding loudspeaker with our community.
BR John Eekels


Hello Troels,
Thank you for your speaker design Ell-1. I love them.
Hartelijke groeten!