Ellipticor-A50-II, built by William, US
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I’ve had some days with the A50-II and while they are definitely doing things I haven’t heard any other speaker do my room, it seems to be tilted brighter than the 3WC-15s with ring radiators that I previously had.
Would you say you voiced them brighter, or is this something that’ll calm down with more hours? Interestingly, a friend that was over suggested I toe them outward and it helped a lot with that brightness while also helping improve staging by a good margin. It looks odd but localization seems much better.
Anyway, very excited to get to know these speakers. It’s still early but I am already sold on the potential of this family of drivers. Some stunning moments of brilliance, already.


Hello William
Thanks for your response to the A50 build. You’re the first to report back after launch of the kit. And indeed, you’re fast! Few people report back after a couple of months.
No, they are tuned normally, but for sure, the D8404 is a game changer and makes the midrange/lower treble quite different from what we hear from conventional concave midrange drivers like the Faital-15s.
Dispersion is quite different from a large mid-dome, this may count for not toing-in as much as usual.
I was considering a midrange attenuator, but for every record I put on, I found it not necessary.
Best regards

Hi Troels,
I'm in Brooklyn, NY. Yeah my builder, Roman, built the 3WC-15s you've seen, and turned around this new build quite quickly.
Upfront, I have a Rockna Wavedream Signature, and now a 30w Luxman L-590AXII. Even today, it's sounding a bit calmer. The spatial stuff is a joy to experience but the real surprise, for me, was the performance of the Ellipticor 15's with Hypex FA 501's. They're making me doubt the need for my sub.