FUSION-22 buyer response
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Okay, my 2c...
Like maybe many of you people reading this, I have been following this blog for years, but when it came to actually building anything... there were a few concerns. No place in an apartment shared with family to have a project laying around for weeks, and then there is the WAF. Decades ago, when I was much younger, I was happy to build a pair of LS3/5A replicas. Had a good milage out of them but wanted something better finally. So... I went for the purchase of one of Troels' prototypes. The FUSION-22 had several unique aesthetic qualities that made it stand out: height equal to my TV, and the bass/mid being fully concave.
So for everybody buying a pair of prototypes like this: they come packed really well, the speakers fully protected. Quality of woodworking is superb - much better than mine would ever be. Installing... well they are heavy! But soon after, my wife's comment was "it is as if they always were there". That was quite a relief! Alright on to the sound.
The obvious change to notice is that suddenly there is bass, good bass and a plenty of it.
The next thing is that voices are less pronounced than I have been used to - it's more like all instruments get their own spot. If anything, maybe percussion sounds a bit more dominant than the rest. The whole sound is pretty clear.
Third is that with so-so mp3 sources, background choirs/strings sound muffled or filtered. Hard to describe.
In general, I found myself listening to a lot of music again!
Now for the placement. I understand that the best sound will be with these standing close to the floor, with some distance from the wall. Not going to happen until I move to a bigger place though. So I thought of turning them upside down and tilting them backwards for good tweeter/mid alignment, but that must sounded bad. Actually, moving the listening position up (standing on a chair) and down didn't make much difference to my ears. Way less diff than moving a bit to the left or right. 
This is all with an average AV-receiver. Would like to hear what a real good amp can do! Always nice to have something to look forward to.

Hello Buyer
Thanks for picture and response.
Well, based on the picture I think you have good things in store, once speaker could be placed on stands with midrange driver at ear-height. What you have right now looks far from ideal. Also getting the speakers out in the room will reduce nearby reflections that will muddle the midrange.
Feel sure, both drivers and crossover components are ready for even the most expensive gear.
Thanks again and best regards