FUSION-BAD, built by Petr
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
So far extremely happy with the FUSION-BAD speakers, I’m getting to exactly what I was looking for. No comparison whatsoever with my B&W 703 which was a 4500$ CAD speaker 20 years ago!  I will write a review after a while. 
For now a question regarding tweeter attenuation. I play mostly classical music. I’m getting reasonably close to the qualities of what i like about a symphony hall - good quality bass, fantastic transparency in the mids, but I’m getting a bit too much treble for what I normally hear in live symphonic music. You can see in the response chart (pretty flat!) that above 2 kHz the curve stays quite flat and even has a little bump. Probably my room causing that. I would like to tame that a bit, 2 to 4 db maybe? 

In the Thibaud build, you suggested:
Try 2R2, 2R7 or 3R3 and hear what happens.
Is this what I should do?
Yes, we may all have to adjust treble level to personal preference and not least associated gear and room constions.

Thanks and have a great day.