FUSION FA122 for Ekta 2D
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen



Ekta 2D speaker.


Download HYPEX FUSION 4.95 software and manual here.

This is the latest version here Nov. 2019. Check for updates on Hypex website here.


Installing software

Unpack the zip file to e.g. My Documents folder on your computer.

Double click Setup.exe and install the 4.95 HFD (Hypex Filter Design) software.


Turn on your FA122 and connect to your computer via an mini-USB to USB.

You will now have an icon on your desktop like this: 

Double click the HFD icon and open the program.

Initially you have this and you have to set "Force input" to Analogue XLR or Analogue RCA
depending on whether you use a balanced or single ended connection.
Obviously you can use one of the other options if preferred.

Next you click Device setting:

Check all setting and do as shown above. Later you can adjust to your personal preferences.
Pay notice the Volume on start is set to 0 dB = full gain. This means the Hypex will operate as a standard power amplifier and you adjust volume with your preamplifier.
Depending on your preamp gain, you can further adjust gain of the Hypex module by adding gain as show on picture.
The Hypex modules have an elaborate gain structure.

Unclick Device setting and go back to this:


Click Filter design and you have this:

After having installed the software you will have a folder in My Documents called FilterData like this:

Unpack the zip file from Jantzen Audio found on the memory stick provided with the kit and place the folder FA122_1-2-4 in the FilterData file.
Preset 1 is the 1st order filter.
Preset 2 is the LR2 filter, 2nd order
Preset 3 is the LR4 filter, 4th order filter.

 Click FA122_1-2-4 and click OK.

You can click Preset 1-2-3 and see what happens and you click ch1 and ch2 and see what happens - or you can just immediately click "Upload all presets":

Now you Hypex module is ready for use.



Connect your speaker drivers

Turn to page 14 in the manual and you'll find the following information:

Red (+) and black (-) for tweeter.
Blue (+) and grey (-) for midbass.