FUSION, built by David
Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Mr Gravesen

I completed the assembly of the Fusions, end of June 21 and moved them into the lounge early evening, connected up and played music for 4 hours.

I am gob smacked, I really thought at best, the Fusions would be comparable to the Russell K 150's, the word bubbling at the back of my mind now is the 150's are average, the Fusions really are in a totally different league.
I am annoyed that I have spent so much time effort and money (up to 6K for x demo Tannoy Kensington's) on domestic retail speakers, non of them have represent good value for money and at best have delivered mediocre performance.
The Fusions are relaxed, dynamic, detailed, revealing, enjoyable, refined, fun, real, true, The difference is night and day.

My Mrs likes music but she just listens without analysing the reproduction performance, not sure how you do that, but anyway, I was playing some music through the Fusion and she walked into the room with a big grin on her face and said wow, that's good I can actually feel the bass, they sound better than any thing you've had in the past.
Interestingly the volume was not that high. They work just as well at low volume as high and the music seems to be effortless, I love them.

One strange effect I noticed was the music in general sounded slower, thought I was going nuts but a google search suggest its a real phenomenon, which can have several causes including when you hear a system that is reproducing accurately the subtle sub percussion cues the time can seem stretched out.
When I listen to live performances the crowd is distinct and also spaced away from the band /singer, never experienced that in any system Ive listened to.
There seems to be space between the notes, an openness that comes from the relaxed but not laid back or sleepy delivery.
I guess you can tell I am impressed.
I kinda would like to take the fusions to where I brought the Russell K's from, and say 'hay guys what's going on, I have never heard any thing even close to these regardless of price, take a listen.

Feels like something is desperately wrong with the retail speaker sector. What do you think Troels?
I need to veneer them now but don't want to be without them.  I have twice swapped back to the Russell K speakers, it took all of 30 seconds to think ' No, that's not good.'
So a big thank you for designing a first rate product, and providing the technical support too ( I quizzed the crossover for which I again apologise,)
I have attached several pictures so you can see the, to be veneered, completed speakers.
Once again big thank you They will give me a lot of pleasure

Wish you all the best