FUSION, built by Henk
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Good day mr. Gravesen
I am big fan of your site and last year I bought the fusion speaker kit. Its a precise job and not so easy as it looks but with some long days but we managed. I planned to put some verneer on it but the woodwork turn out so nice that I didn't want to cover it up. As you can see I made some changes to your plan. I removed the bottom 20cm and made it 5 cm deeper to compensate for the volume the rest is according your plan. The speaker stands we made with some left overs I had lying around
I am very happy with the result and the speakers sound better than anything I had before. Especially the bass was a big step forward. My other speaker always sounded thin in my room with high ceilings. The speakers also don't ask to much from the amps. In the pictures you can see my hypex (nc400) summertime amps but my push pull KT120 diy amps will be back in place as soon as the temperatures drops here in the Netherlands.
If you want to use my pictures and story for the builders respons section I will be flattered and you have my permission.
Best regards