FUSION, built by Thibaud, Belgium
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I had an amazing listening session last evening with the (just completed) speakers. I have say a huge thank for providing the plans and prompt support. Finally did the full passive version. and I must say it's providing an extremely pleasing experience. It did bring both my equipment and music into a brand new light.
It's a considerable improvement and it's hard to find any downside.(if I had to, I'd say the high are a tad brighter and -dare I say- less silky than one coming out of my previous monitors scanspeak R2904/700000). I might swap the tweeter with the berylium version one day to see if it makes any difference.
I really enjoyed building them as well, I can clearly see this becoming addictive... You may noticed I took some liberty on your design.. I'll never know if I ruined the whole thing by moving the bass woofer forward. but it does sound great...
I have a sort of aversion for mdf, so I used this as a replacement, https://www.pollmeier.com/en/products/baubuche/baubuche-about.html (same density).
Best regards,

Hello Thibaud.
Tweeter attenuation is something that always has to be tried and adjusting R1 to preferred level can turn a tweeter from harsh to smooth to laid-back depending on treble level. R1 default is 1R8. Try 2R2, 2R7 or 3R3 and hear what happens.
The added bass panel has no impact on performance, so no problem.
Best regards Troels