FUSION, built by Tyberiusz, Poland
Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Mr. Troels,
It is already some time, since I have finished your Fusion speakers. From all your projects, this model suits my needs the best. And I was not disappointed at all !
These speakers sound very natural, fresh, fast, dynamic, huge 3D scene, a lot of details, it doesn’t bring too much own character – there is nothing I could complain, nothing lags behind.  
I have followed your design in almost every aspect – exceptions: no MDF, only Baltic Birch 24mm but did volume corrections (just this thickness I could get in 1st quality), Kimber/Neotech wiring, single Cardas copper posts, Superspikes.  
It took me app. 100 working hours, but I have enjoyed a lot, especially in the end when first sound came out ;)
Later on, I did a test with tweeter attenuation, but returned to original value, which sounds the best.
Recently, I have changed resistors to Path Audio, which are superior to Superes.   
In near future, I have plan to test Beryllium tweeter TW29BN-B.
I would like to thank you for this speaker project, it exceeded my expectations, I’m still delighted with these speakers - after almost a year.
Please feel free, if you want place my feedback with photos on your web page.
Kind regards,

Hello Troels,
As I pointed in my original Fusion speakers feedback, I had plan to test beryllium tweeters.
And I did it a week ago.
Here are my conclusions about TW29-BN-B application in Fusion speakers:
1. There is no impression that the metal driver stands out from the rest – sometimes I had such impression listening other speakers with mixed diaphragm materials.
2. I don't hear any separation between drivers, it is super sewn with the midrange – as well originally with textile tweeter, of course.
3. There is a way larger 3D stage, more air, than from the textile tweeter.
4. There are much more details, flavors, textures, precision, speed.
5. I think it is now closer to live music, than before.
6. Textile tweeter was slightly withdrawn, shy, less precise, slower, veiled.
In my opinion, in my system, in my room, upgrade with beryllium tweeter is a huge jump in the quality of upper frequencies.
But what is the most important for me, there is still music with beryllium, not just more sounds, I would even say better music ;)  
Thanks again for this project,
Kind regards,