Faital-3WC-10. built by Bruno, Italy
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
Here some pictures about my modified project of your original one 3WC-10 speaker. Not being a professional wood worker for me it was really a difficult job, but in the end I collected my satisfactions.
I would add some labels in the lower front side in the future. Actually are running and the sound seems to change every day. Medium high frequency are very precise. My expectation of bass was higher but I hope they will increase in the next period due to the use.
from Italy.

The bass is very precise. What I hope was to have a blow bass. In any case I'm satisfied. Probably the bass will increase due to rubber suspension use of Faital drivers.
B.R Bruno

Here is my new and latest review:
After a few days of necessary running-in, given the size of the speakers, I am totally satisfied! Now the lows tie perfectly with the mid-highs. The lows are full-bodied and the mid-highs are very precise. A really successful set!
Speakers like these, perhaps with a brand, would certainly cost more than double. From the point of view of construction, not being a carpenter by profession, it was not easy ... but in the end I got my satisfaction!
A recommended project.
thank you