Faital-3WC-10 and -15, built by Koenraad, Belgium
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Hello Troels,
I recently killed my piggy bank and bought a brand new EAR 868PL to complement my 861, I am extremely happy with this combo, so a big thank you for introducing me to these truly magnificent hifi pieces.
So now having reached the top of what reasonable money can buy I remain with some questions, first one; is it worth doing the upgrade (replacing the important cap’s) on both amps?
Second one, also concerns caps, I built the Faital 3WC-10 and am very impressed, to me probably one of the best speakers you ever designed.
Again a big thank you for all the advice you provide.
Best regards,

Last year I mailed you the pictures of the Faital 3WC-15 I built, this pair has moved to a friend and colleague of mine, so I couldn’t resist making an even better pair with the beryllium tweeter. This pair is made from solid wood called “ovangkol” which I bought from a retiring carpenter who had this in his stock for over 30 years. Apparently this wood is often used to construct musical instruments, so perfect for this application :-)
I guess I am the only guy who already built two pair of these behemoths.

These are the Faital 3WC-10, made from the same Ovangkol wood as the 15” but from a single piece of wood, it took some calculating to make the most of the magnificent piece of wood.
They are by all accounts the best compromise between sound, efficiency and size, I really love them, in combination with the EAR equipment a truly exceptional combination.